The practice of moving toward uncomfortable feelings instead of away from them is counter-instinctual.

So, why would we want to do this? 

When little, we experienced BIG desires which translated into BIG sensations rumbling through our tiny bodies.

As we moved towards filling those desires we often hit a roadblock- our parents desire for us not to have what we desired, creating an even BIGGER sensation which our little bodies could not tolerate and therefore BAM!

We acted out, often lashing out at the threat to our desire. 

Unfortunately, our parents didn’t quite understand the mechanics and fulfillment of desire seeking and therefore punished, shamed, or consequenced us for our acting out.

We were perceived as mean, rude, aggressive, or selfish. Slowly, we learned to repress those intense desires dampening our life force in an attempt to get our needs met in our families of origin. 

Becoming parents- we experience our own little ‘desire machines’ expressing their BIG desires and it triggers a wave of shame, fear, and aggression inside of us.

Our life force comes barreling up, often raging, in its fury taking out any desire in its way.

Afterward, flooded with shame and guilt we consequence ourselves by repressing those BIG feelings yet again. 

The remedy to this grinding negative feedback loop is to turn towards those BIG desires/energy, in a safe place, like the SafeSeat, turning the eyes of kindness towards the innocent desire that is breaking through your protection and wanting more than anything to be seen, heard and understood.

This is a counter-instinctual movement and only through our adult capacities and awareness can we practice this move.

As those intense sensations, feelings and stories arise we train ourselves to move towards them instead of turning away by projecting them onto our children.

As adults, we commit to retrieving our life force- teaching ourselves to honor and stay with our true desires.

As we do we then utilize that life force to come alongside our children, support them in honor and love their desires. We recognize the opportunity to guide the energy as our little ones ride the waves of being alive and free!

Together, we liberate the true desire to awaken our HEART energy expanding it for the good of all.  



Listen to Podcast Episode 79: “Riding the Waves of Intense Feelings”