A 30-day journey towards more self-love
Begins January 2, 2023 - Join Now!

The SacredSeat is an invitation back towards the tender parts of you that are wanting to be seen, heard, and understood. It’s a counter instinctual move to turn inward offering yourself kindness instead of controlling the external by managing your child’s behavior. 

This 30-day challenge (a journey together) is designed to build a container for you, along with others, to make a habit of loving YOURSELF first.

In the Purejoy view, the SacredSeat, supports you to recognize everything you desire to give your child you can offer to yourself first.

 In this challenge, you’ll practice giving yourself the support you need to establish a daily practice of true self-care.

At Purejoy we love creating offerings to support you in being the parent you want to be. 

The SacredSeat came about by folks asking for more accountability in the core practices.




What would it be like to give yourself the gift of knowing who you are as a parent this holiday season?

One thing I learned as a single mom is how important like-minded community is when parenting. I was doing it alone for 8 years and was exhausted when I moved to co-housing. Within 6 weeks mine and my daughter’s worlds were rocked. Even though I was hanging on as a parent I couldn’t believe what happened when I had support. 

This is why I was inspired to create the SacredSeat challenge.

Once the holidays are over, we will spend the first 30 days of the new year together as a community supporting each other in embracing all of who we are. 

I find practicing together with a community to be one of the most SUPPORTIVE things in my parenting. 

 For some reason, there is a conditioned belief that we should miraculously KNOW how to be a “good” parent.

What we KNOW is what we experienced as a child or what we’ve read about parenting. 

Knowledge is a beautiful thing except when it creates a barrier between your heart and your child’s. 

I discovered practice is a must if we are going to re-enter a heart knowing.

Leslie Potter

Leslie is the founder and creator of the Purejoy Parenting model. She is a trained therapist, parent coach, and mama extraordinaire.

She supports parents to explore and deepen their conscious parenting journey, supporting them in finding their internal strengths as a parent instead of using techniques to control their child’s behavior while opening hearts and minds to the power of healthy separation and connection.

She is the creator of “Parenting Paused” a parenting podcast sharing the journey of parents as they transform their relationships with their children.

Her greatest adventure is riding the waves of relationship alongside her amazing daughter while learning to “grow” herself up to be the parent she always wanted to be. 

Erin Waters

Erin is a Purejoy Master Coach and has been welcoming babies to the world for the past 16 years as an Ob/Gyn. She is a Qi Gong enthusiast and currently training to be a teacher. Her heart blew wide open when she was introduced to the Purejoy model in 2020 and has been applying it to all aspects of her life since. She is now a certified Purejoy Parent Coach, Purejoy Group Coach, and Master Coach, and has loved every single Purejoy second.

Jessica Henderson

Jessica Henderson is a Purejoy Master Coach and Astrologer operating her own soul-based business providing her clients with support systems on their own journey of parenthood.

She was inspired to begin this work out of her own life experience. The roots go way back to when she was a tired and wiped-out Mama of 6 who dug deep to find a way to empower herself to find some authentic answers in life.

She offers fellow parents in the thick of raising their kids the opportunity to see themselves through a lens of loving-kindness- and to support that they know their own true nature trying to come forward in this lifetime.  She uses the day-to-day stories of life with kiddos to reveal to moms and dads just how this experience of parenting can be so much more than a day-to-day grind- it can transform your life!

What you will receive?


Online Course Material

The SacredSeat includes one lesson per day with audio, video and written material as well as journal prompts and ways you can connect with other parents like you!

Four Live Support Calls

The SacredSeat includes a live, interactive Zoom experience with your Purejoy Coaches weekly during the month of January.

Community Support and Guidance

The SacredSeat includes access to our private members-only support community, where you’ll connect with other parents who are consciously working to raise healthy kids and share your experiences (because it helps to know you’re not alone).

Normal Price: $197   Happy New Year price – $99.97
Scholarships available: Email support@purejoyparenting.com

What does it look like?


First, we practice turning off the mental distractions that convince us that our children are somehow out to get us when they misbehave.

Secondly, we practice tuning into a deeper connection with our HEART energy over our conditioned mind.

The SacredSeat Challenge is an introduction to offering yourself a daily practice (can be just 5 minutes!) to quiet the distractions of your mind while making contact with your heart.

Everyday for 30 days:

     🧡  Receive a practice to engage your HEART

     🧡  Visit your SacredSeat to meet your tender feelings with kindness 

     🧡  Receive support to meet yourself and your child with an open heart

     🧡  Receive community accountability to stay with your practice

     🧡  Support from Purejoy Coaches with FOUR live calls 

Ready to embrace your tender feelings?


Committing to a foundational practice is the greatest gift you’ll give yourself and your child in this new year. 

P.S.  With the holidays winding down and inflation at a high we know money might be tight for you. If you need a scholarship, reach out to