For some reason, there is a conditioned belief that we should miraculously KNOW how to be a ‘good’ parent.

What we KNOW is what we experienced as a child or what we’ve read about parenting.

Knowledge is a beautiful thing except when it creates a barrier between your heart and your child’s.

I discovered practice is a must if we are going to re-enter the “heart” knowing.

What does that look like?

First, we practice turning off the mind distractions that convince us that our children are somehow out to get us when they misbehave.

Secondly, we practice tuning into a deeper connection with our HEART energy over our conditioned mind.

The SacredSeat Challenge is an introduction to offering yourself a daily practice (can only be 5 minutes) to quiet the distractions of your mind while making contact with your heart.

We’ll be gathering together to support each other starting May 1st.

Every day for 30 days:

🧡  Receive a practice to engage your HEART
🧡  Visit your SacredSeat to meet your tender feelings with kindness
🧡  Receive support to meet yourself and your child with an open heart
🧡  Receive community accountability to stay with your practice
🧡  Support from Purejoy Coaches with two LIVE calls during the 30 days


Ready to embrace your tender feelings with daily support?
Join the
SacredSeat 30-day Challenge coming on May 1st.

I PROMISE you that committing to a foundational practice is the greatest gift you’ll give yourself and your child.

At Purejoy we believe when the HEART says YES to an opportunity- there is always a way forward.

We trust you’ll choose the payment option that supports you the most.

Register for the SacredSeat below!


Scholarships available- email leslie@purejoyparenting.com


Kind Words From My Mamas

Her kindness creates a safe space to venture out into new shifts ini perspectives, enlightening and bringing hope to my current situation.  I am so thankful for our time together.  My furrowed brow and foggy brain turned into a relaxed smile and clarity of mind by the end of it! Thank you so much.”

-Tamãra Marie