See me beautiful,
look for the best in me.
That’s what I really am,
and all I want to be.
It may take some time
It may be hard to find,
but see me beautiful.

See me beautiful,
each and every day.
Could you take a chance?
Could you find a way?
To see me shining through
in everything I do
and see me beautiful.

~ by Kathy and Red Grammer

I love this poem because it is the essence of what I find to be true.  The trick though is to see yourself as beautiful before you can authentically see this in your child.  Everything you see as beautiful in yourself, you see as beautiful in your child.  Everything you see as ugly in you, you see as ugly in your child.

I find myself picking and criticizing my daughter the way I do myself.  She is truly my mirror.

What do you see, in your children, that you find ugly or distasteful?

Make a list then look inside and see if you find the same true in you?

What would it be like to see yourself beautiful seeing the essence shining through?

How would you treat yourself different especially when you act out of fear?

Are you willing to see yourself beautiful, no matter how you behave?

One of the greatest gifts I give myself and therefore my daughter is turning back toward loving my disowned parts.  Until I do, when she acts out a part I hate I want to destroy it in her.

Example:  Lately, no matter what I say, she has a comeback.  Arrrg!  I remember my mother saying, “you could argue with a fence post” when I was expressing a strong opinion so when my daughter is stating hers it triggers a part in me I learned to hate and try to destroy.  When I’m able to “pause” and see her beautiful I am remembering to see myself in the same way.

Would love to hear what you find out in your inquiry.  Post in the comments.