The first time I read about attachment parenting, something inside said,  YES!

I was raised in a very traditional home, so even the thought of co-sleeping with my child seemed radical. 

Fortunately, I have a strong desire to dive deep under my conditioning to meet my inner wisdom. 

I was determined to forge a NEW path, one that felt true. 

In the beginning, I was excited and focused! I jumped in fully. I did co-sleeping, meeting her needs on demand and following her lead. I was determined to follow my heart, but along the way, I started running into some big time doubt. 

Everyone around me began judging the way I was parenting, criticizing and blaming me for my child’s behavior. 

At the time I didn’t understand that I was triggering their discomfort by stepping out of the mainstream parenting norm. I took it personally and started questioning myself.

For the next few years, I flip flopped back and forth between traditional methods and the more conscious methods of my original vision. 

I’m sure it was crazy-making for my daughter when one minute I was yelling and the next I was loving and kind.

Finally, one of my close family members wrote a scathing letter telling me what a BAD parent I was. That was a turning point. Something inside snapped and I got crystal clear. 

I  had to COMMIT to a path, and fully practice whichever path I chose. 

Following my heart and I chose the path of doing my inner work, instead of controlling outside circumstances. 

Through this work, I understood myself, especially when I acted out, and this led to a better understanding of my daughter as well.

Surprisingly, as I offered kindness to myself, I was able to offer kindness outward, even to my family who didn’t understand my parenting. 

The judgement I felt from the external was really about the inner judgement I had for myself. 

Forging a new path is filled with excitement, but don’t be surprised if you have moments when you want to turn back. 

 It takes courage and commitment to stay on your chosen path, especially when others don’t understand. 

 Take your stand and carry on. 

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