Synchronicity in parenting is the occurrence of meaningful coincidences that seem to have no cause. Tapping into this field offers a different lens to view certain situations and to enter a realm out of the ordinary. Have you ever thought of someone and you end up running into them at the store? Hmmmmm! What is that? 

Experiencing a lot of insecurity as a new parent I took my responsibility very seriously. I was determined to offer my daughter the BEST environment. Instead of trusting my instinct and impulses through, opening to a different realm of listening, I did what I thought was the “right” thing to do. I kept looking outside to get the reflection that I was a good mom. Trusting my insecurity over my knowing left me feeling depressed and overwhelmed. The external pressure dampened my internal knowing taking the joy out of parenting. 

As I opened to slowing down, listening, and looking for signs of flow and ease I heard messages from a deeper source of how to parent MY child. We often hear “all children” need certain things and yet it was clear that I was parenting my unique child not “all” children. Trying to force my round peg daughter into a square hole was not working. As soon as I finally listened I’d receive a sign that all is well. 

I entered the realm of noticing synchronicities, noticing signs that my daughter was thriving instead of conforming.  At first, it felt scary and extremely radical and I kept looking around to make sure we were still OK. Then, I’d be practicing a new way of parenting, and next thing you know I’d run into someone who was doing the same. It was quite magical and created a space to enter and trust a deeper realm of knowing. 

My encouragement this week is to take time to slow down and open to signs and signals that all is truly well. Trust the magic all around you….it is there….waiting for you to notice.