One of my favorite parts of spring is buying flowers to spread throughout my yard. 

I live in CO where it can get quite hot quite fast and left a flat on my porch planning to plant them the next day. 

On my morning walk as I approached the porch I noticed how droopy and fragile they looked even though I’d watered them the night before. 

Quickly, I ran in the house and filled up my favorite watering can and stepped outside offering them a little drink. Within moments their little blooms perked up and they were smiling again.

 As I stood there smiling back I was struck how this was an exquisite metaphor of my life, and how I forget to give myself a little drink when I’m drooping. 

Often I fail to remember to offer myself the simple things that are nourishing, such as talking to myself kindly, giving myself little breaks, or pausing to breathe. 

The plants got me thinking about tenderness, and how delicate and exquisite we all are. I need my own tender loving care and tending to bloom into my fullness and so do you.

Expecting myself to constantly give and attend to my child forgetting to include myself neglects my need for a little water just like the plants.

As a mama, I find it difficult to pause and give myself what I need when I have so much on my plate, and feel responsible for taking care of my family.

What about you?  

Maybe you beat yourself up when your house is a mess or you haven’t gotten your to do list done? Maybe you expect others to water you and feel hurt when they don’t? I know I do. 

What would it be like to offer some tenderness to the part of you that is working so hard? 

What do you need in order for your precious flower to blossom?

If you notice you’re getting tired or irritable, see it as a clue that you just need a little watering. There is nothing wrong with you… take out your little emotional watering can and give yourself a BIG hug.

This is an invitation to turn a beautiful gaze of love back toward yourself.

As you practice, over time, you’ll blossom under your sweet tender loving care.

Listen to podcast Ep. 40 “Tenderness”