Terms of Use


By purchasing this resource, you agree that the contents are the property of Leslie Potter and Purejoy, LLC and licensed to you only for office/session use as a single user. These terms grant a limited license, for use, and are not a transfer of ownership. I recant he copyright and reserve all rights to this product.

Terms of Use FAQ

Can I share this resource with my clients?


You can share the digital files designated to client view for use in Purejoy Coaching sessions with you as a coach.


Can I share this resource with other therapists, teachers, coaches or friends?


Purejoy requires one license per user.

Sharing copies is a violation of this Term of Use and copyright law.  Additional licenses must be purchased if you’d like to share this with anyone other than your clients. You can direct people to my website for purchase, or you may contact me if you’d like to purchase multiple licenses for your office or school.


Can I share a copy of these materials on my blog/website/social media, via text, via a link to digital document storage, or by any other electronic means?


You may not upload or photograph these materials for anyone else to view, download or print. You are welcome to link to my website and invite others to train and or purchase coaching materials there.


Can I share a copy of this resource in a workshop, seminar, or professional development training?


You are welcome to reference the product in your presentation provided you give both credit to Leslie Potter and Purejoy as the creator and a link back to my website.


Can I modify or adapt these resources to create my own materials?


You may not use the work of Purejoy in words, images, or graphics to create your own materials. The content may not be modified, edited, amended, or changed in any way. You may not sell or sublicense the content. You may not remove the copyright or other proprietary notations.