The greatest gift I’ve received this lifetime is the honor of becoming a mother.

I was living a wild crazy bohemian lifestyle and I almost forgot to be a mom.

As strange as that sounds, I was having such a good time letting life lead me when all of a sudden I woke up to this niggling urge, this niggling calling, this insistent voice calling me to be a mother.

It was a gift that I even became a mother because my journey was one of adoption and I was single and 44 years old.

Fortunately, I was approved to adopt from China.

I’ll never forget the moment one of the nannies placed my precious bundle in my arms.. Time stopped and I was filled with a feeling I can only express as overwhelming love.

After waiting and preparing a lifetime she finally came into my arms. My heart blew open, taking in this exquisite being that was to be with me for the rest of my life.

What I didn’t know was the level of intensity or the beauty of the gift that my daughter was bringing because I thought I was the gift to her.

The greatest gift I ever received was the honor of becoming a mother. I waited until I was 44 years old. I was a wild, crazy bohemian most of my life, and I kind of forgot to be a mother.

She generously gave me the gift of self-love, through the gift of self-reflection. Anything I judged in her was a part of myself that I also judged. It was often painful to look and yet I committed to the work.

It was imperative that I choose which path I was taking. I could either try and control and fix her behavior, so I could see the reflection that I wanted, or I could open to receive the gift of her reflecting back how I had shut down on my vulnerability and was self-aggressing on parts of myself.

I chose to love all of myself which led to loving all of her.

When your child reflects a part of yourself that you don’t like….take a moment to turn inward and offer this part of you love. Every part of your being deserves love.

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