Of course, we all want this and yet at the same time, we question ourselves about what this looks like. We have a strong desire to offer them unconditional love and an environment different than what we grew up in and yet at the same time question our parenting since it looks so different than how we were raised. Where does our humanness come into play? 

Is it OK to be human as a parent? This was the question that I continually grappled with in my parenting. What does it actually mean to be HUMAN? 

What I learned is that humanness encompasses all of who I am. The good and the bad, the happy and sad along with the support and the challenge I experienced in my parenting. Trying to parent from only the positive side led to a lot of resentment and pain. Recognizing that the true nature of humanness in this relative world includes both sides, opened the door to loving all that is. 

Often, we find ourselves trying to be different than our parents and we swing way to the other side. This is part of being human and yet finding the center point in the middle engages unconditional love for all that arises. 

Now, I’ve been “in the weeds” many times in my parenting, and yet the one thing that always brings me out is to remember “I am human”. 

As we head into the holiday season take time to make room for the good and the bad, the happy and the sad, and everything in between. Being HUMAN is a thing of beauty when we stop judging what actually shows up in the moment. 

Sending you BIG hugs and joy during the holiday season.