Welcome to a blog that’s all about celebrating the joyous journey we call parenting. Purejoy! Today, let’s dive deep into an empowering concept that might just revolutionize your relationship with your little ones. So sit back, relax (if you can), and get ready for some mind-blowing insights on turning inward as parents.

Life as a busy parent is like strapping yourself into one of those roller coasters where emotions run wild and caring never stops – it truly takes superhuman strength! But sometimes, amidst the chaos and demands of everyday life, you tend to forget something crucial – your own well-being and how critical this is to your child’s well-being.

Picture this: you’ve had another long day juggling work deadlines while trying not to burn dinner when suddenly… BAM! Your child throws yet another tantrum over bedtime routine or refuses veggies with Olympic-level determination. It’s too easy for frustration or doubt to creep in; after all, aren’t we supposed to have control over these situations?

But here’s where things get juicy… what if instead of focusing solely on controlling their behavior from the outside-in (cough mission impossible cough) – cue drumroll please – you started looking within? Mind blown!

Embracing self-kindness doesn’t mean throwing discipline out the window or becoming permissive jellyfish parents—far from it! Rather than relying solely on techniques and external fixes though (because let’s face it—they rarely last long), why not tap into your internal resources to strengthen connections with your precious vulnerable self?

Seriously folks—it changes everything!

It starts by acknowledging that every emotion experienced by yourself AND your children deserves compassion—even during epic meltdowns at grocery stores—or even worse—in front row seats at Grandma Betty’s tea party.

When was the last time you gave yourself permission NOT TO BE PERFECT? Let’s face it, none of us are. You are a perfectly, imperfect human being with emotions and your little sidekicks follow suit. Instead of chastising yourself for not having all the answers or feeling overwhelmed at times (it happens to all 36 hours a day parents), how about extending the same love you shower upon your children toward yourself.

By learning the Purejoy SafeSeat process you’ll learn to direct some much-needed self-kindness inwardly, which amazingly support miracles unfolding externally: relationships transform, bonds strengthen like never before, and walls built on control crumble down into heaps of joyful giggles.

So how do you get started on this amazing journey towards mindful parenting nirvana?

First things first—download the free SafeSeat video series and then muster up your courage to embrace imperfection. It’s time to wave goodbye to guilt trips about missed soccer practices or forgotten lunch boxes; instead use those moments as opportunities for growth—for both you AND your child!

Next up—weave in a simple act of kindness towards yourself that bring joy back into the equation!

If you Need Help Ask for It

Example: Our culture as a whole, values independence and self-reliance over community and compassion. If you’ve learned to take pride in being self-reliant and capable. It can feel awful to be needy!  (isn’t that what you are judging in your kids?)

If you learned as a child feeling needy was dangerous, it’s gonna be challenging to ask for help without feeling shame. You may have repressed your neediness to survive in your family but it didn’t go anywhere. I’ve learned that asking for help is an act of kindness to the younger part of me that had to take on way too much too early.

Start slow and be ready for feelings to arise each time you ask for help.


  • Ask for help at least once a day
  • If you hear NO quickly move to your SafeSeat
  • Do the practice and offer kindness to the needy one in you.

Above everything else though remember—the greatest gift lies within YOU. Embrace yourself wholeheartedly—you’ve got what it takes! Reach out because Purejoy is here right alongside – cheering you on every single day!

Now imagine—a world where kindness leads by example…where empathetic connectedness reigns supreme…and hugs become stronger than any superhero cape ever could be…

Are you ready to embark on this extraordinary journey yet?

Here’s my hand—I’m standing beside yours throughout each twist and turn along the way… Are you reaching out?