I’ve had many experiences in my life, some joyful, others painful, and a whole wide range in between.

Mothering, in all its ups and downs, has been the most profound experience and continues to be so.

Little did I know what lay ahead when I traveled to China 21 years ago to adopt my daughter.

I honestly thought- ‘I am so ready for this experience. I’ve done my work and now I can show up as the BEST mom in the world.’

Looking back I see how naive I was about the road ahead of me, and yet my heart led the way.

That BIG Heart was calling me into a deeper, more profound experience in life.

I can imagine you know what I’m talking about. When the Heart calls, you listen.

Being a mom is definitely now and was then too a ‘Heart’ calling.

It made no sense that at 44 and single I’d embark on this journey and yet I did.

What about you and your journey?

My longing dreamed of creating an environment that supported my daughter coming into her full brilliance, living her life fully empowered in knowing herself.

Little did I know to make that dream come true I’d have to pass through the
“feeling abandoned and rejected” territory

right next to the “feeling powerless and helpless” stop.

Disappointment and despair were up ahead

followed by guilt and shame for wanting to turn back and give up.

What kept me going was my HEART energy that was leading the way.

Many times I threw my hands up beating myself up for taking the journey. Doubt flooded my heart and threatened to take me down. I didn’t believe I had what it took to truly offer my child the gift I’d longed to offer.

And yet I did.

And so do you.

If you are experiencing the difficult part of the journey, take Heart.

Slow everything down and enter into your Heart’s longing asking it to guide you along this path.

Especially, if you are feeling alone and scared reach out to me, a coach, a friend, a tree, and speak what is on your Heart.

Open to the possibility that your Heart knew exactly what it was doing when it said-

“I am going to be a mom.”


Listen to Podcast Episode 77: “The Profound Experience of Mothering”