As a parent, one of the most challenging aspects I experience is living in the moment. Since I have a child who is totally focused on the moment, I am continually faced with my habit of not living in the moment. Often, It seems I’m WAY ahead of the “moment” and half way through my day, in my mind, before I wake up. Whew!

My daughter invites me back into the present. When I’m able to drop all my agendas and join her I find time melts away. I enter into a peace zone and our connection deepens. Amazingly I still get everything on my list done but with a lot more fun. Can it really be that simple? Yes! It is simple and yet challenging to my ever moving mind to grasp. Somehow, I still buy into the notion that I need to plan ahead or the sky will fall! Challenging this belief is a constant and yet over time, I too am joining the pure joy of living in the now.

Practice: When you are trying to move your child, out of the moment and into the future, take a second and see if you can slow down and join them. Step out of time and into the moment, challenge yourself to see what happens.