Have you noticed how transitions can be both exciting and scary?

Settling into a rhythm, a pattern, or a way of being feels safe and secure, and yet in the river of life, there is always a flow.

Children are constantly shifting and changing as they grow and develop. And yet, it is easy as parents to crystallize our view coming to a conclusion about who our children are or are not.

Claiming we welcome change on the outside, inside contradictory feelings can arise confusing us and our children. Lots of feelings are stirred as our children reach certain milestones. Taking the time to feel the feels makes the transitions easier for all.

Even the transitions you look forward to can surprise you with the intensity of feelings that arise. My daughter deciding to go to Japan for a gap year after high school was a HUGE transition for both of us. She was ready, I was ready and as she was preparing waves of excitement and fear roared through our home.

Making space for all the feelings without coming to conclusions gave us a safe passage to the other side.

Take a few moments to reflect on the transitions you are moving through. Bringing awareness to your internal experience do you notice any resistance in the mix?

If so, open your heart wrapping the resistance in love giving yourself permission to feel exactly what you feel in the moment. Once you do, turn your heart towards the inevitable movement going forward welcoming all the feels along the way.