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Kind Words From Clients



“Working with Leslie over the past few years has changed my life. I never would have believed that the relationship I have with my kids and with myself, could have ever been going in such a positive direction, as it is now. Bottom line is if you want things to be better in your life, in your relationships, with your kids, and yourself, then work with Leslie.” -Chris + Zac

  “Leslie has taken the fight out of my parenting and allowed me to recognize that peace and calm is attainable when I look at the triggers within myself and work with calming those down before lashing out at my child. She has taught me to have great gentleness with myself as I take this journey. I no longer strive for perfection but rather for connection. Connection with myself and my child is everything…all else falls away when my focus is on relationship.-Kim

 “I am a better parent and a better person, having worked with Leslie Potter. I started when my daughter was around 9 and having A LOT of anger with me. Being a solo parent, there wasn’t any place to hide when she would unleash her fury. I learned, quickly, simply, directly, how to manage myself during these moments and miraculously the shift in me changed everything with my daughter. She is now 22, and though no relationship is without it’s friction, my daughter and I have a very loving, communicative and connected relationship. Markedly more so than many of her friends. I still work with Leslie after all these years. She is a resource that I am so grateful to have in my life.” -Amy Beth

“Our family was rocked by the extreme challenges of coping with two teens with serious psychiatric disorders. Years of fear and anger had created patterns that were destroying our relationships. With Leslie’s loving guidance, I discovered a radically new playbook for family life that transformed me as a parent, as a married partner and as a person. I still struggle, I still have conflicts, but now I move through those moments in ways that deepen my connections with others, and enrich my inner life. Thank you, Leslie, for opening a path of profound healing! I use what I learn from you in my life every day.-Tracy

 “Working with Leslie for the last six years has changed my life in ways I can’t begin to quantify. My kids were younger when I started and I have been able to navigate and hold myself and my children through some very  challenging times. Now that I have a house full of teenagers, I love the people they have become, but most importantly I love the person I have become through parenting them in this way. Leslie has expertly guided me back to *myself* again and again. I love pushing the edges and the boundaries of what I thought parenting to be. What a beautiful way to be in relationship with your child” -Lara

“Her kindness creates a safe space to venture out into new shifts in perspectives, enlightening and bringing hope to my current situation. I am so thankful for our time together. My furrowed brow and foggy brain turned into a relaxed smile and clarity of mind by the end of it! Thank you so much.” -Tamāra

Try Leslie for Only $97