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Wake up, still feeling exhausted from the day before, try to remember to at least brush your teeth and get dressed.

Wake the kids up and hope they don’t put up a fight this time, brush their teeth and get them dressed.

Battle to get breakfast in time, while checking the clock, noticing all the things still ahead of you in the day- also answering a million random questions from your curious kids.

Try and clean up a few things, get some laundry started or restarted, and rush around trying to relieve the pressure of the next things to do- places to be, school work to get done, and emotional support for the whole family.

If you’re like most mamas and papas, you might not be able to remember the last time you had a morning that felt peaceful, powerful, harmonious, inspiring, and, dare I say it?… SIMPLE!

Our mornings are critical, because they set the tone for the rest of the day. When we bog ourselves down with stressful activities the moment we wake up, we set the stage for a stressful day and stressful interactions with our partners, our kids, our co-workers, and everyone we come into contact with.

Because Sometimes You Need A Mama To Mom You!

Chances are you’ve tried reading everything you can, joining countless mom support groups on Facebook, and even spending thousands on traditional therapy to try and understand why you keep yelling at your kids, when all you want to do is offer them kindness?

Well, you’re not alone! And now, you can have that Older-Wiser-Conscious-Mama voice in your ear every morning supporting you to be the mama you want to be.

I’m here to hold your hand, because I know how hard it is to put concepts into practice. I personally found I understood the concepts of how to parent consciously, but putting it into practice was a whole other story. I spent the last 18 years digging deep and forging a path toward consciousness, and now I can guide you along that path too. Every morning I’ll be with you, offering you a deep inquiry which will lead to a new way of parenting.

If you are ready to be inspired and guided to live a life full of love, inner peace, and joy, AND you want to be a part of spreading that throughout the world every day of the week, then I invite you to join us today!

Heck, the very act of paying to become a member here is a magical act of self love.

It’s time for you to be that beacon of light for yourself, for your family, and for the world!

The “Purejoy Walk Talks” began on my daily walks in the morning. I wanted to create something simple, quick, and inspiring to support mamas with their inner work.

As I was walking my sweet dog, George, I realized I could take you along, sharing my insights and inspirations every day of the week offering you a morning touchstone of unconditional love to start your day filling your emotional bucket before you turn towards those of your children.

Here's How it Works

  • I choose a theme for the week, such as “Self Discovery,” “Self Love,” “Your Family Legacy,” or “Open-Hearted Communication.”
  • I muse over this theme as I walk my dog each and every morning. With every step, I sink deeper into contemplation, carrying the spirit of my fellow mamas with me.
  • I then return from my walk to record an inspired 5-7 talk delivered through the Soundwise App right to your phone where you can listen and ask questions or share ahas with other mamas just like you
  • As a bonus join the Purejoy Community on Heartbeat where you’ll experience everything that is going on in the Purejoy community.


Clearing your mind of any emotional clutter from the day before.

Focusing on how you want to feel that day and how you will show up in the world

Freeing yourself from the anxiety of your upcoming responsibilities

Making conscious decisions about your intentions for the day.

AND that’s not even the best part…                                           Your spouse…Your children…Your co-workers…Strangers…

They will pick up on your energy

They will feel safe with you.

They will benefit from your inner calmness.

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