“Anything that bothers you is only a problem within.  Only you can experience it and only you can correct it”  Wayne Dyer

Embracing a new way of parenting can seem daunting when it comes to implementing the shifts int0 real-time parenting.  With the dawn of Facebook there is more inspiration and guidance available on a daily basis.

Anytime during the day I can click on a page and read something that resonates deeply with how I want to parent, how I want to treat my daughter and how I want to treat myself.  Putting the knowledge into practice is where the rubber meets the road.

I have been a seeker as long as I can remember.  Always seeking knowledge, spiritual guidance, therapy and anything inspirational to support me in looking at my blind sides, awaken to my beauty and be all that I am.

When I sit in front of a teacher or a therapist I am open and willing to see my conditioning and take responsibility for what I have created.  This is why I go.  I pay money and feel tremendous gratitude to those who support me in uncovering my beliefs that aren’t serving my higher good.

The question I ask myself and you is then why are we not bowing down to our children for they are showing us our triggers daily.  Instead of saying thank you and looking at our part we have the tendency to get angry with them, shame or blame them for causing our pain, instead of highlighting it, and will do just about anything to move away from the discomfort as it arises.

It is easy to sit in front of the guru asking to see any obstacles that keep us from awakening.  I doubt any of us would send the guru to his room or yell at him for showing us a part of ourselves that we knew was obstructing love.  And yet, we do this with our children in the name of teaching them a lesson or thinking we know what is best for them.  This is conditioning not who we are.

Walking the talk means really seeing our children as the guru.  They arrive innocent and pure, open and willing to reflect love.  They aren’t manipulating, conniving or out to make us mad.   They have needs and when they conflict with our needs this is when it is time to go inside.  The feelings are within you.  The problem is within you and only you can walk the talk in this moment.

Instead of trying to get our kids to walk the talk, we must slow down and take the time to go within.  We must question the conditioning we have learned and truly meet ourselves in love instead of trying to control our children so we feel loved.  I’m not saying it is easy!  I’m saying it is time to up the ante and stop looking outside for the guru in hopes that once we are whole we will be the loving parents we are.  Practice in your own home.

It’s time to meet the guru…..you live with her!

“Compassion practice is daring. It involves learning to relax and allowing ourselves to move gently toward what scares us.” Pema Chodron