What a week!  I have never experienced this many calls from clients in crisis.

It has been amazing to see my own state of being holding steady and riding the storm of intense emotions floating around me.  It is as if I have an anchor in the sea of despair and am holding steady with a loving force as the immense waves keep crashing in.

On Monday, I was on the phone from 7am till 7pm offering unconditional love and support to families in crisis.  The main thing I work with is first attuning and joining with their emotional state.  In the case of desperation, I allow myself to feel the desperation and make friends with it inside my own being.  As I meet it and open to it I am able to attune to a greater love that can hold desperation and allow it to express itself without making a move toward the external.

As I do this, I am encouraging the other to meet me in this space and realize that they too can meet their desperation without  playing it out.   The challenge is to stay with the feeling without projecting or futurizing the feeling onto their child.  Sitting with the discomfort and telling the truth about it.

When we are able to make friends with the feelings and take the power out of the external circumstance, the power returns to us and amazingly shifts  back into love, its original state.