Every weekend I sit down to write a post for my blog.  During the week there always seems to be a story or an experience to share.  So, I’ve been surprised that each time I sat down, during the last month, nothing came.  Nothing to say!  Hmmmmm!  Curiosity awakens as this new experience unfolds.

As I sit, I realize that I usually talk about my struggles and how I work with myself in relation to my discomfort in parenting.  Truth be told over the last month there has been very little struggle and lots of connection and joy in both me and my daughter.  Funny how this hasn’t seemed as interesting to write.

This week, while talking to a friend, she asked, “why don’t you share this side?”  I immediately thought no one would be interested.  They just want to hear about the struggle.  Well, this caught me by surprise because I call my work Purejoy!  Clearly, I’ve been more interested in the struggle and have a hard time finding words for the ease and joy I have been experiencing as a parent.

I know the story of “struggle” by heart and have identified myself as someone who always rises above but the cost of fighting has taken its toll.  Sitting in the quiet relaxed field of “being” has awakened a tenderness I must have hidden as a child.  Even as I write this I find myself weeping, with joy, at the gift I have received this last month.  My heart has opened and the struggle abated and I find joy and laughter filling our home.

So, here I am writing about joy!  I found my way and I know you can too.  Loving yourself in all your fullness, light and dark, will take you home.