For a good part of my life, I believed I didn’t have the support I needed in order to walk through the difficulties of life.

Life should be easier, because it all felt like too much. Things were coming at me faster than I could handle. It had to STOP. 

In childhood I perceived there wasn’t enough support available in my home. Challenges felt unbearable. I looked to my caregivers for support and yet they were limited and could only give what they had to give. 

I came to the “young” conclusion that I was all alone and no one believed in me or supported my needs. 

My strategy, to cope with this conclusion, was to tighten my grip on my external circumstances to make sure that nothing ever went wrong. I lived as if the rug could get pulled out from under me at any moment.

Without the felt experience of a solid foundation externally, I questioned my capacity to support myself internally creating resilience to go through difficult times.

Maybe some of you experienced this growing up?

When something difficult arises demanding support, you experience feelings of terror, thoughts convincing you are alone, and the belief that everything is too much to bear?

Of course, this happens and it is easy to believe the stories arising.

In my experience, everything changed when I welcomed those feelings, thoughts and sensations offering them the support that was available from my adult stance. 

As I turned toward the present moment reality, I realized there was support everywhere. The ground supported me, the chair I was sitting in supported me, my breath supported me. And yet I had a choice whether I relaxed and accepted  it or not. 

Staying open and relaxed, suddenly the support that is actually there comes rushing in to envelop you in its love.

The SafeSeat is the physical representation of this beautiful support. In the SafeSeat, I give myself the supportive environment that has always been available internally.

I transform my relationship with life, and open to my capacity to face difficulty.

Sometimes I still tighten, but whatever comes, there’s a place I know is available to go. 

In my SafeSeat, I listen to the “younger’ part, relax, and soften. I imagine I am sitting in the arms of the divine mother who is always surrounding me. 

As I sit in stillness, I feel the deep, amazing support ever present.

As a parent, it is tempting to work hard to keep everything together. This leads to feeling drained and exhausted from the monumental effort. 

For a moment, I invite you to relax your tight grip of control.  Thank it for doing such a great job of trying to protect you, when you perceived no one was there to catch your fall.

And today, commit to  a new movement. You claim the beautiful love and support that is here for the taking. 

Place your hand on your heart, offering the support to YOU. 

As you do, imagine all the parents around the world  doing the very same thing.

I lovingly join you there, sending you love from my tender heart to yours. 

Keep going, sweet Mama! I’m here to support you too! 

Listen to podcast Ep. 43  “Getting Support”