My core message centers around nurturing our internal wisdom in parenting and discovering our unique “mojo.”

The term “mojo,” commonly defined as a magic spell or charm, encapsulates my journey as a parent. I initially believed that parenting was about being a “magical mom,” constantly happy, patient, present, and understanding. However, I gradually realized that my daughter’s perception of me as a parent didn’t always align with my own expectations.

Despite my best efforts to create a nurturing environment, my daughter didn’t always react as I hoped. This reality, faced by many parents, can be incredibly challenging. The truth is, we parents are not supernatural beings but humans who occasionally lose our mojo.

One of the biggest challenges we parents face is the lofty expectations we set for ourselves. I often found myself wrestling with feelings of self-aggression, attempting to show up in ways that I wished someone had done for me. The guilt and shame that follow any perceived failure can weigh heavily.

It’s crucial to extend kindness and understanding to ourselves during these moments. We must remember that we are human, inherently imperfect. Recognizing and accepting this reality is a vital step in breaking the cycle of self-aggression.

I firmly believe that the key to good parenting is staying connected within ourselves. I propose turning that mojo inwards to love and care for oneself. It’s about being kind to our humanness, the part of us that gives so much to our children.

Investing in self-care and self-love is fundamental because the care we provide to our children often mirrors the care we desire for ourselves. We should remember that our children may not always understand or appreciate our efforts.

In my quest to be the perfect mom, I realized that I was not supporting my daughter to see me for who I truly was. By continually striving to create a perfect environment, I wasn’t showing her how to navigate through life when things weren’t perfect. This pursuit of perfection wasn’t serving either of us.

Remember, it’s important to remember that you are human, and it’s okay not to be perfect. It’s about being kind to yourself, taking care of yourself, and most importantly, relishing the beautiful journey of parenthood.