Have you ever wondered why your child acts sneaky? 

The bottom line is this: if they don’t feel emotionally safe expressing their needs, they will resort to being sneaky. 

We all came into the world with needs and it is our main job in life to get them met. 

If you see your child’s attempts to meet their needs as demanding, asking for too much, self-seeking or self-serving, they will get the message that expressing needs is dangerous in your family.

Instead of coming to you directly, they will have to get sneaky! 

Check it out for yourself. You might have a need for your child to help around the house. 

What happens inside if they roll their eyes as if you are asking too much?

Instead of owning your need do you get sneaky projecting onto them that they are selfish, lazy and unsupportive of the family if they don’t comply? 

Do you tell yourself that they are ungrateful or entitled? 

Asking directly for your needs can feel vulnerable. When you expressed your needs as a child, your parents may have seen it as an emotional threat and negatively labeled you. 

Do you see how the cycle goes?

If you ask for something that you need, child says NO. 

BOOM! Your sneaky power takes over and you make it all about them.

Would you love to create an emotionally safe home, where no one has to sneak, and you can practice offering kindness and acceptance to the needy one in you? Learn how in my FREE 5-day SafeSeat practice. Click here.

As you do, your heart will naturally open to your child’s needs.

When needs are valued, your family will blossom. 

You will be on your way to creating the loving environment that you always wanted. 

Each member of your family will relax into who they really are: humans with beautiful needs.

I have created this dynamic in my home and supported hundreds of parents to do the same. 

Try it out and let me know how it goes. 

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