“This morning as I was listening to one of my favorite teachers, Adyashanti, I was deeply touched by his insights into awakening. Listening I was inspired to look at my parenting through this lens. Today, his talk was about how agendas stand in the way of reality. Boy, did this hit home.

My agenda of being a “good” mother often takes over in my parenting. I leave the present moment and a HUGE cloud covers “who I truly am.” The conditioned stories around what a“good” mother looks like take over. How she acts. How her children act and on and on it goes. Every morning I wake up and put on my “good” mother costume and everything that comes out of my mouth is from a script I’ve memorized instead of showing up to the intimate moment with my daughter.

It’s very clear that my agendas are serving a refusal to move towards the moment because honestly it is SCARY to drop my agenda and trust my being. It’s easier to read the parenting books and trust the script I’ve been passed down through the generations than to face my fear of being judged and ridiculed for not following the herd.

BREATHE I tell myself. Of course, you are scared and yet it is time to find another way. I hear a faint voice in the shadow calling forth “You can do this” she whispers in my ear. “One step, take one step”

Finding the courage to step out of my self-absorption I glimpse an open space in which curiosity awakens. As the cloud passes I see my daughter as the exquisite being she is. What a relief.

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