OMG! It has finally happened! I AM ANNOYING! Now, the funniest part is I was talking with another parent about her son being annoying and how hard it is to be the annoying one. That night, in her sleep, my daughter yells out, “You are so annoying.” I told my client the next day that I’m even annoying in my sleep! Too funny!

I can see how hard it is for my daughter to begin the separation process. Since it is only the two of us, she has been dependent on me for everything. Now that she is starting to find her way and is experiencing differences in how we are the only way she can separate is to find me annoying. I know all this in my head and when I’m in a great place I actually enjoy my role as the annoying mom.

On the other hand, it is painful to feel the separation happening and sometimes I take it personally. When this happens, I know it is about me and try my hardest to take care of myself and not ask my daughter to. When I’m able to model healthy separation, I’m showing her how she can too.

Practice: When your kids tell you how annoying you are, see if you can do your best not to take it personally. Remember when your parents were so annoying? This too shall pass!