Becoming a Purejoy coach was a brave move for me. 

I had been a stay-at-home/homeschool mama for nearly 15 years when I jumped in! 

There was a part of me that always wanted to have work in the world, but finding the capacity to do that while also raising five kids was always eluding me. 

When I met Purejoy I was in a big fat muddy puddle of my self-inflicted suffering. 

I was trying so desperately to keep the external environment just so- so that I didn’t have to feel all the feelings I had organized my life not to feel. 

Then slowly through Purejoy, I started looking at what was inside, to unbury and untangle all the pieces. 

Offering loving-kindness, I slowed down to feel it all in my SafeSeat.

Offering it to myself, I also offered it to my kiddos.

Each piece I looked at, I said- what do I have to be willing to feel, so that I can be with this part of me- of what is real. 

Each piece I looked at, I noticed- energy came back into my being- I was returning closer and closer to myself with love. 

I created an environment where I met my brilliance. 

And over the last five years, it has been a process, sometimes challenging, with lots of support- a return to my own inner wisdom. 

I’m back in touch with my own internal wisdom, my PUREJOY. 

This led me right into the first Purejoy Parent Coach Certification training! 

I’m not everything I thought I would be for my kiddos when I became a mom. 

I don’t homeschool anymore, my home is simple and untidy at times, and I’m not always certain of what’s next, we just keep going along together now.

But what I AM- is alive and living in my true nature! 

Every day my kiddos experience my becoming more and more of who I truly am. 

SO much so- that my kiddos have become my biggest fans!

The other day I reached a milestone in my work as a Purejoy coach. 

I walked out into the living room from where I was working and announced it to my family with a huge grin on my face. 

The kids, that were there, all broke into dance and celebration mode- hands in the air, HUGS, reflecting back to me all the important transformational work I have done.

Oh, yeah! Mama! 

You’ve got this, Mama!

You are doing it! Mama!

I love Purejoy so much because I celebrate their brilliance- and in that moment they were celebrating mine too!

Check out the PPCC Page while you are here for more info on the next training.